Wednesday, September 18, 2013

rhubarb pie, football and peacocks

I've become a little obsessed with rhubarb lately. I didn't even know what rhubarb was until a month ago. I first heard of rhubarb pie on the TV show Fringe. (Anyone else a Fringe fan? Ooooooh, love me some Fringe.) Anyways, it got my mind to thinking "What is rhubarb and you can make a pie with it?" Then my husband showed me the crazy rhubarb lady that had appeared on Conan. Just google "crazy rhubarb lady" and you'll find it. :-) Pardon the language though - the lady's straight up crazy! I thought if that lady is a sold-out rhubarb stealer then it must be great! So, I spent a weekend trying to find rhubarb (which is hard to do) and created this Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. I'd make a few adjustments the next time I make one, but overall it turned out good. Rhubarb is extremely sour - had no idea! Random information, but you're welcome. :-)

From there I'm going to talk about football because that seems like a natural progression. :-) Elijah signed up for his first year of flag football and the first game was last weekend. He has no clue what he's doing yet but he had fun so that's all that matters! And he likes making a football throwing stance for his pictures.

Last weekend was also a big Aggie football game. We don't have cable so we were excited that this one was on regular TV. As you can see, we are raising our kids right by putting them in maroon on game days. Even Evie's adorable little dress didn't help the Aggies win but it was still a great game!

 Gig 'em! She loves her brothers!

And a shout out to my wild and crazy kindergartener. He wanted to make a scary face for the camera so I obliged. He is also a budding artist. I took him to an art class on Saturday morning and he drew/painted this peacock. I have a small obsession with peacocks so I was excited about it. I think I might frame it and hang it on the wall. So proud of his artistic ability!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

evie's first day of preschool

Evie and I started back to preschool yesterday. She did fantastic! Cried right when I left her but then had a great day after that. Her favorite part of the day was music class - the girl LOVES to sing and dance!!!

With her teachers, Ms. JoAnn and Ms. Lily.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

emptying my camera...

End of the summer swim with Ashley, Savannah and Spencer!

 Labor Day weekend family reunion at Camp of the Hills!

Evie turned 16 months old today and was home for 4 months on the 2nd. She is such a joy!

Evie and I start back to preschool on Monday! She is such a big girl!