Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in (a lot of) pictures

Christmas Morning

ooooooo, the new batman race car

Kaki came over to give the boys her presents

Elijah loves his Spiderman laptop from Kaki

Christmas in Gainesville

Being silly with Grangoat on the exercise ball

My boys watching "Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas", an annual Cox tradition.

Awww...Judah and Nana watching TV.

Laur-Laur playing games with the boys on the air mattress.

Opening gifts

Me, Elijah, Lauren and Matt all played Elijah's new board game.

Playing with Daddy...

and Grangoat.

Me and Lauren - aren't we cute? :-)

Jason cooking his yummy asparagus dish

Lauren & Matt got Judah this ginormous sock monkey for his room - guess we'd better start taking sock monkey pictures again huh? :-)

Lauren and Matt, aka "the dorky newlyweds"

Jason being silly

The whole Cox family

Sunday, December 27, 2009

SNOW & Christmas Eve

The boys were so excited about the snow on Christmas Eve! Elijah kept telling me for weeks leading up to Christmas that we'd know it was Christmas time when it snowed....well, he was unbelievably right! He kept saying, "I told you mom, I told you. " :-) We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's house and the boys played in the snow with their cousins.

Elijah and Jonathan jumping on the trampoline...probably not the safest thing to do in the snow, but...

Opening presents. I think Judah was excited about this one!

Judah with Kaki

The best family picture we could get - it was so windy!

Me and my beautiful 15 year old niece, Katherine.

Snowball fight!

Judah picked up on Santa real quick this year - everytime he'd see one he'd say, "HO, HO, HO!"

My nephew Andrew pulled Jonathan and Elijah around in this tub - they loved it!

Me, my brother and sister on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day and Christmas in Gainesville pictures to come soon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmastime Fun

On Saturday, we went to sweet Annalee's 3rd birthday party at the zoo! It was so much fun!

Here are my two boys and Annalee enjoying the cupcakes.

They brought 5 animals in just for her party to view. One was this small owl.

The penguin was the biggest hit and just look how cute he is!

Sweet Annalee watching the animals.

Here are all of the kiddos and a few mommies.

Present time!

Then our family got to enjoy the zoo afterwards for free, yay! Here are a few zoo pictures:

Jason was off work on Monday & Tuesday - we made Christmas cookies on Tuesday afternoon.

Sleepyhead woke up from his nap to join us - he kept yelling "cookie, cookie!!!" over and over!

I love this sweet 5 year old boy!

Our finished cookies - they look pretty cute huh?

Merry Christmas from the Cox family!!!