Wednesday, August 29, 2007


More excuses I guess since I still haven't blogged about last week. In my defense- I've been sick, our computer has been acting up and I'm still trying to get a few pictures that aren't on my camera. It will be soon, hopefully later this week, when I'm feeling like sitting at the computer a while and get the pictures. In the meantime, I am enjoying reading all of your blogs when the computer isn't frozen. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lots to post

But I'm way behind. We are having a very busy and fun week as a family and I promise to post soon about our adventures. Lots of pictures and lots of stories! Here is one quick one...

Jason and his dad took Elijah fishing this weekend for the first time. They were in a pasture with cows and Jason pointed out a cow patty to Elijah. Here was their conversation:
J: Elijah, that's cow poo poo. Be careful not to step in it.
E: Don't step in the cow poo poo?
J: No, don't step in the cow poo poo.
E: Don't stomp in the cow poo poo?
J: No, don't stomp in it.
E: Don't jump in the cow poo poo?
J: No, don't jump in it either.
E: Don't eat the cow poo poo?
J: No, definitely don't eat it.
E: Don't do a somersault in the cow poo poo?
J: (Emphatically) No, don't do a somersault in the cow poo poo.

What a crazy, crazy kid we have!

Friday, August 17, 2007

MY family

Seems like I've put up a lot of pictures of Jason's side of the family but not mine. That's because we all live so close to each other that we take it for granted and rarely all get together for something. That's bad. We should change that. Anyways, last night we celebrated my brother's birthday, so here are a few pictures of my side of the family.

My mom with her 3 children: me, Kurt & Kristi

Elijah with his 1st cousins: Katherine, Faith, Jonathan, Andrew & Kristopher

My mom wanted a picture of all her children, sons-in-law & granchildren, so there we are. Aren't we cute? :-)
This next week Jason is off - YAY!!!! - so I'll have lots of pictures to put up of all the fun activities we'll be doing during the week. We're really going to enjoy our time because this is all the time Jason gets off until the end of year. That's right, no Christmas vacation except for the actual day this year. So...Christmas vacation in August, here we come!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


One of the best things about summertime!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I got nothin'.....

Nothin' exciting to blog about, that is. We are enjoying the end of the summer. Elijah and I have been doing a lot of swimming, playing in the sprinkler, play dates with friends (Elijah's and mommy's :-) and hanging out at home getting things done around here. Sounds boring I know, but I've enjoyed the calmness of the last few weeks. This weekend we're going to Vernon with Jason's parents to visit Jason's aunt. They have a swimming pool and we're going to a neat car show so it should be a fun and relaxing weekend.

Elijah has continued to go to preschool every Thursday this summer and he really enjoys it. This is just a really cute picture of him ready to go to school this morning. He looks so grown up, it almost makes me want to cry. Then I started thinking about his first day of kindergarten in a mere TWO YEARS and I really teared up! This morning particularly, he was very excited about his new "Aggieland" lunch box, as he calls it. My mom found it for him and he couldn't wait to take it to school. We really aren't brainwashing him, I promise. He just genuinely loves the Aggies....I guess he picks up on our enthusiasm, but that makes me happy. There's no greater college in my opinion and I pray that he ends up there one day.....but no pressure! :-) You can see the Aggie lunchbox better in the below picture, even though his eyes are closed.

Now for a little request, since I always feel like I'm lacking in the "comments" department (imagine a small tear rolling down my cheek :-).....What are some of your favorite things that you and/or your kids have done this summer or that you have coming up?

I'll go first: 1. Thailand trip, 2. Mine & Jason's day out for our birthdays, 3. Ranger's game on the 4th of July, 4. All the swimming / water activities, 5. Being outside a lot, 6. Weekend trips to Gainesville, 7. My friend Stephanie coming to visit, 8. New Harry Potter movie and book, 9. Camp of the Hills trip and 10. Our Fort Worth family vacation coming up in a couple of weeks (woohoo - Jason will be off work and school!!!!) - we're going to do some fun activities around here as a family all week!

I know I left some things out but that's all I can think of right now when I'm tired. You don't have to put down that many. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Please pray for a young lady named Amanda - she is a college-age Fortress intern that has been living with my sister's family this summer. She found out this morning that her sister, who is in high school, was killed in a car wreck last night. I don't know what this is like, but I'm sure the grief must be overwhelming and she could really use prayers right now.

I also have on my heart all of the children in America and throughout the world that are suffering. Suffering from lack of food, suffering from abuse of many kinds (physical, sexual, emotional), suffering from neglect, suffering from disease and suffering from not knowing the Lord. We as Christians need to step up, myself included, to ease the sufferings of these precious children. I am sure that we all at least know of some children that are in less than ideal situations or know of organizations that help ease suffering of children all over the world. Lord, give us the courage to put our hearts on the line and reach out to these precious, innocent children to show them love - Your love.