Saturday, February 19, 2011

how to make a pizza & haircuts

So the boys had a blast making their own pizza last night!

We started by getting everything on the table.

We had a little trouble opening the sauce,

but he had fun trying!

Judah liked watching his brother.

Anyways, then you spread the sauce on the pizza crust.

And something else is funny. Isn't he the cutest?!?!

Then you very seriously sprinkle on the cheese.

Add pepperonis,

bell peppers,

and green olives and WALLAH, you have a very yummy pizza!

Don't eat it yet, we have to cook it!

Sorry if you were a fan of their long hair, today we took the boys and whacked it off!

They both looked so big sitting at the barber getting their hair cut. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day

I think we all had a great Valentine's Day this year. The boys both had school parties yesterday and came home with all kinds of goodies!

They are so funny! I kept trying and trying to get a good one of both of them looking at the camera, but the two year old was not cooperating. Shocker. :-)

My mom was in town this past weekend so Jason and I got TWO nights out by ourselves. Happy Valentine's Day to us! She also gave the boys this PRECIOUS storybook for their Valentine's gift.

It recorded her voice reading the book, so every time you turn the page she reads the words on that page. The boys LOVE it! Judah thought it was like a telephone and kept trying to get her attention. :-) Now anytime they want Kaki to read to them, all they have to do is open this book!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

i am missing our daughter today. 7 months of waiting. we are so ready for this to be our video...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

more snow

a few more inches of snow fell on thursday night
to reveal this in the morning!

needless to say, the boys had a blast in it, and it was beautiful!
they played, had snowball fights, made snow ice cream
and we even attempted to go sledding (no pictures).
that didn't work out too well on a plastic lid, but we tried! :-)

today the snow is melting, the sun is out and we are ready for our normal routine again next week. but we sure did enjoy the break while it lasted!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

stir CRAZY

so we are on snow day #3 around here.
elijah was already to have tomorrow off so it looks like monday was the only day of school this week! texas weather is so crazy! it's making us crazy. stir crazy that is.
here is a little of what we've been doing the past few days.

brotherly snuggling on the couch while watching movies.

we have been sporting this crazy hair for the past 3 days.
no need to brush if you can't go anywhere, right?

we've been putting on costumes, playing games and pretending.

and of course we braved the frigid weather to play out in the SNOW!

their little get-ups crack me up.
they look like little marshmallow men. :-)

i think we COULD live in a colder climate.
they all actually really liked playing outside -

including amos here. i wasn't sure how he would react, but he loved it!
we threw his ball and he would slip & slide around chasing it.
he also loved sticking his face in the snow and licking it as you can see.

it was a winter wonderland!
(or a bunch of ice and a little snow, whatever :-)

i can't remember why i took this picture of judah last night at dinner.
he's cute, that's probably why. :-)
i made a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and at one point he had icing all over his face!
we have had plenty of groceries thanks to jason. he's continued to (slowly) go to work every day and brought home some groceries for me yesterday.

elijah also typed up a letter to the little boy we sponsor through Compassion International.
his name is Jonfer and he's the same age as elijah.
you too can sponsor a child for only $38 a month...check it out!
pretty soon we're going to sponsor a child for judah to keep in touch with.

have a WARM week!
we are expecting more snow tonight and tomorrow, but the weekend looks to be warmer so hopefully that ice will melt then!
here's a video of the boys playing the snow.
sorry i'm so loud, i guess it's because i'm right by the speaker.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

here's your chance

I know, two posts in one day. It's pure craziness! :-) Just had to post this asap though. If God has recently (or a long time ago) placed adoption / orphans on your heart, here's your chance to act on that. I got an email from our adoption agency about an Asia Waiting Child Blog they just put together. They want all agency families to spread the word about it so that these precious children can find forever homes. They are from China & Taiwan, some have major or minor special needs and they are precious. Usually a waiting child list means that the adoption process goes quicker than the route we are taking. You are not waiting on a referral but rather have a specific child you are pursuing to adopt. The picture list is password protected but all you have to do is contact the agency to get the password. I told Jason that if we adopt again (wow, I can't believe I'm saying that :-), then I would love to find a child on a waiting list like this. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please check this out and/or spread the word. We need to find these children homes! There is no commitment to obtain the password and look at these children, but I'm warning you that when you see their faces you may lose part of your heart! :-)

twice the fun & 7 months

we had an extremely busy weekend around here. jason went to a men's retreat with a bunch of guys from our church, the boys were shipped off to nana & grangoat's for the weekend where they got to enjoy the zoo, the park, ice cream and a picnic (ie, i don't think they missed us :-), and i made a trip to brenham with my mom for one of my dearest friends' baby shower.

misty and i met in college at texas a&m and really got to be close friends when we were counselors together at camp of the hills in 1999. she introduced jason and i at church one night and was in our wedding. her & her husband are a big reason we explored mission work in thailand a few years ago. she is just a dear, dear friend...we have remained close over the years even when we don't see each other or talk that often, nothing ever changes between us. she is expecting her first babies in about 4-6 weeks. she is having twins - a boy and a girl!!! i had not seen her in almost a year and a half and i enjoyed our visit SO MUCH! i especially loved feeling her sweet babies kick me. can't wait to meet them! love you misty!

we are enjoying a SNOW DAY around here today! school was canceled and there is snow on the ground so we're off to enjoy it! i'll post pictures soon. also, happy birthday to aunt laur-laur and happy 7 months to our family on the wait list!!! getting closer!!!