Saturday, May 17, 2014

Elijah turns TEN!!!

I have now been a Mommy for one whole decade - Elijah turned 10 on May 13th. If you're keeping track, that is all 3 of my children's birthdays within 3 weeks...whew! It is a whirlwind of busyness for sure combined with end of the school year activities! Double digits seems like such a big deal for some reason and makes me feel old! :-)

Here is Elijah on his last night as a 9 year old...

and now he's 10!!!

Cutie pie. I think just to torture me, he chose to eat at Golden Corral too. Oh my word.

His class sang Happy Birthday to him and he passed out cupcakes. They also had a field trip on his birthday which made it extra fun!

I love these two boys so much, and I love that Elijah wanted his picture with Judah on his birthday. So sweet.

Elijah kept things low key, which fits his personality. Instead of a party, he just wanted his Dad to take him and his cousin Jonathan to Main Event for laser tag, etc. Then Jonathan spent the night and they watched the new Hobbit movie.

They're so cute together, and they love each other so much.

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY ELIJAH!!! You are such a joy and we love you!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Evie turns TWO and celebrates ONE YEAR HOME!

 On May 2, 2014, our beautiful Evangeline was home for one whole year!!! That is so hard to has been a hard but good year. The waiting is always the longest and then once you finally have the child you've been waiting for, it all goes so fast! Proof of that....Evie turned TWO a few days later on May 7th! We had her first big birthday party in the park by our house. She had a blast! I can't believe that tiny 6 month old we first laid eyes on is now a 2 year old!


She LOVES attention, but actually acted a little shy when everyone sang to her. :-)

 One of her favorite gifts was a little pink lawn chair with her name on it. Thanks Suzy, Katie and LeeAnn! This is the best picture we could get with her little friends that are close to her age. There were a lot more older kids there too! Eden, Landri, Solomon and Spencer. We missed Lily & Kaelyn!

Her and her cousin Solomon loved sharing the chair. They are so cute together!

All of the Cox grandkids.

On her actual birthday, we sang to her at home.

Happy Birthday to the princess of this house - we love you so much Evie-girl!!!