Friday, April 27, 2012

judah turns four {unbelievable}

on april 25th, judah turned four. i don't even know how it's possible for this sweet little baby to have grown into this little boy!


 he is such a joy. i don't know what we ever did without him.
he seemed to have a great birthday. after we dropped elijah off at school we picked up donuts for breakfast. he chose one with a spiderman ring. :-)

here he is all dressed and ready for his birthday with his special pin on!

we went to walmart and picked out cupcakes for him to take to school on thursday. we played at the park.
when daddy got home, he got his birthday spankings. :-)

then he opened his present from me and daddy.

something he's been asking for for months and mommy was lucky enough to find it on sale for almost half price! he loves imaginext toys! and then we went to mcdonald's for dinner and ice cream.

at school on thursday, they sang happy birthday to him in chapel.

and he enjoyed cupcakes with his friends in class.

what a special couple of days for an even more special boy.
we love you judah, all the way to the moon and back (and more!).

to read about judah's birth story, click HERE.

Friday, April 20, 2012

soccer & boxing

 The boys just started soccer practice last week. This is Judah's very first year to play. He has been waiting for this for like two years, not kidding. I think he may be my competitive one...we'll see. They are both on teams with their best buddies...Judah with Linkon and Elijah with Micah. Here are pictures of their first practice and their first games of the season are tomorrow.

Elijah just bought some Hulk hands with his own money. He and Jason had fun boxing each other with them. :-) Elijah was so cute at the store picking out exactly what he wanted.

We are entering that time of year where it's one activity after another. Soccer, end of the school year activities, both boys' birthdays...busy, busy, busy. I'll post pictures after their game this weekend and then next week Judah turns 4.....aaaahhhh, I can't believe it! I am thankful for the business and fullness of our lives right now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

who loves to play in the mud?!?! {mud run}

okay, i have other pictures than mud run, but i can't get them to upload right now so i'll try again another day. maybe i was trying to cram too much into 1 post. :-) jason and elijah did the mud run on saturday with jason's brother brad and friend micah. me, lori and our kids packed up and spent the day watching the events. for some reason, lori and i were exhausted after the day and we did a whole lot of nothing (she's pregnant and has an excuse, what's mine? :-). the big guys did a 10k and elijah did the kid's run which was 1 mile. everyone had a blast - boys, no matter what age, love an excuse to play in the mud! here are some pictures, all out of order. i was trying to get them in order and blogger messed them up so i quit trying. the first picture should be the last (with the fire truck hosing the mud off of them). enjoy!

also, on a sad note...please pray for the family of one of the runners. they had to swim across the trinity river twice as one of the obstacles, and apparently one man drowned. we just found this out this morning because it was after jason's event. very, very sad. i'm not sure what happened but he was in good health. a true tragedy. his family was waiting for him at the finish line and he never showed up. i can't imagine if that was me waiting for jason.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

we had a wonderful easter weekend! there are a lot of pictures!

dyeing eggs with kaki.

the easter egg hunt in our neighborhood park.

oh my. judah's typical fake sad face. :-)

and a wonderful easter afternoon spent at the botanic gardens & butterfly exhibit with nana, grangoat, brad, nova and solomon.

isn't he the cutest?!?!

judah insisted on wearing his rain boots. you have to pick your battles, right? :-)