Tuesday, October 28, 2008


for the first time by Stacy K

6 Random Things About Myself:

1. I hate scary movies and haunted houses. I recall a memory from high school when our youth group was in a Six Flags haunted house (probably the dorkiest haunted houses out there). I took my best friend Lori's mom and shoved her into a goon so that it wouldn't get me! I haven't been in a haunted house since.

2. I can touch my tongue to my nose - it's like my one cool body trick! I was hoping to pass it on to one of my children, but so far it appears that Elijah can't do it. Bummer. Judah is my only hope.

3. Jason and I have talked about adoption since before we had our boys. Our plan, if everything works out and we decide we can afford another child, is to adopt a little girl in a few years.

4. I remember when I was little and I became aware of swallowing. For a while after that, I used to think there was something wrong with me and I was the only one that did that. Yes, I'm weird and that was REALLY random.

5. Jason has always teased me and said to confess my love for all things Alias and Jennifer Garner on my blog... so there, I did it! Julie, I know you understand. :-) We need to have another Alias party soon, by the way!

6. If I could have a super power, it would be to be able to teleport and take others with me by holding their hands. Get from one place to another instantly. Hello weekend vacations to Hawaii, Thailand, New Zealand, etc and goodbye to hotel costs - I could teleport back home to sleep.

I tag Lori, Jennifer C, Lynda, Alisha, Lauren & Stephanie

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halfy Birthday & Punkin Patch Pictures

I'm 6 months old today and my mommy is SPEECHLESS! 6 months ago we had no idea how this little blessing would turn our lives inside out & upside down yet make it so much richer and so much happier! We love our little Bug and are so blessed to have him in our family.

Here is our annual trip to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch. See if you can find the preview of Elijah's Halloween costume in the pictures.

Yesterday, my mom and I went down to the Stockyards. They were having some sort of covered wagon parade, and then setting up camp down there to sleep last night. It was cool to see the old wagons and Elijah loved the horses, mules and longhorns.

My brother-in-law's company created the show Boz, and he brought Elijah this the other day. When he called me to ask if Elijah would like a large stuffed Boz, I didn't anticipate it being THIS large! :-)

I think this is my favorite picture of them together yet, in their matching pj's. So cute!

Next week I'll post my school pictures, but for now there were too many other pictures to post. I love this time of year! By the way, do you like my newest blog header & background??? My sister-in-law decided she could do better than the last one (which I love too) and asked if she could create a new one...it is adorable.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New pics for the fam

Snot is a new fixture on our faces right now! :-)

My plan next week is to have an "all about our school" post where I post pictures of the boys with their school teachers and show you my classroom, kids and co-teacher. I meant to take all the pictures today but only managed to get one. I'll make that a priority next week. Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Jason took off on Wednesday and we had a great day at the State Fair!

You could get into the Science Museum for $1 while at the fair. They had the coolest kid attractions. We stayed over an hour and when we finally decided we better go if we were going to have time to do anything else, Elijah was bummed and didn't want to leave.

He's been talking about riding the big ferris wheel since last year...Jason said he loved it, even though it doesn't look like it. Judah and I waited below - no thank you, I don't like heights.

Elijah was so excited to do this ride - I think he's going to be a little daredevil

Little Hands on the Farm

Watching the pig races


Sweet brothers

Eating his foot after just waking up from a nap - notice the lovely marks from his crib :-(

What a cutie in his new Star Wars shirt - that's his favorite thing right now. Any guesses on who he's going to be for Halloween?

Hmmmm....Daddy's not too sure about this

I just love being outside in my swing!

Wearing Daddy's glasses

Riding the Forest Park mini train last weekend

Getting ready to go to the Fair

Safari Elijah