Thursday, July 25, 2013

hot springs and great wolf lodge

So, we have these sweet friends in our neighborhood. Their daughter is from Ethiopia as well and they came over last week to meet Evie for the first time. Lyla was SO excited that Evie looked so much like her with the same skin color and even the same TB vaccine mark on the same arm. It was so sweet to see them together, and Evie had fun playing with their son, Evan.

We decided last minute to take a trip to Hot Springs, AR and visit Jason's grandparents. They just moved to a beautiful location near a lake. The kids had a blast playing at "the beach".

 Evie's first time in a lake was a success!!! She loved playing with the rocks under the water.

We also went hiking in the mountains. The boys loved climbing on the rocks near the stream.

Cutie pie also enjoyed her first hike. She loves being outside!

Before we left we got a picture with Pappa Mac and Jill. Thank you guys so much for letting us come invade your home for a few days, and while Pappa Mac was sick with a cold. We had a blast!

Pappa Mac told the boys that the gnome in the front yard brought treats to little boys that talked to him every day. Each morning the boys would talk to the gnome then one morning they went out and there were candy, bubbles and toy cars for them to play with!

On our way home from Arkansas we dropped Elijah off at Great Wolf Lodge to spend the night with his good friend from school, Zander, for his birthday. His family invited us to join them at the water park for the day on Monday. Almost the entire water park is's amazing, and the kids loved it! I loved not being in the hot sun and worrying about sunburn!

Evie took a nap in her stroller and of course loved the water!

Elijah and I rode the red "tornado" slide on the right. He talked me into it and it was terrifying but we laughed about it later! :-)

I can't believe the summer is more than halfway over! Camp of the Hills is coming up next week!!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

14 months old, first big swim and another shower

Someone turned 14 months old a couple of days ago. She is getting so big so fast! At 14 months old she is saying "bye bye, uh oh, mama, dada, hi", loves playing peekaboo, loves books and anything that is NOT a toy :-), crawls fast, pulls up, cruises around furniture, she is VERY close to walking - she will stand alone for a few seconds and take a couple steps occasionally, she loves attention and throws fits/screams when she doesn't get her way but is happy most of the time.

 A couple of weeks ago, Evie got in a big pool for the first time and LOVED it!
 She does not act like she's afraid of much!

The boys also had a lot of fun, and so did their adorable cousin Solomon.

The sweet church in Gainesville where Jason's parents attend gave us a Welcome Home Evie party with a 4th of July / America theme. Evie, the attention-loving girl that she is, had a blast and captured everyone's hearts with her clapping and saying "Yay" over and over!

Friday, July 05, 2013

more fun, fun, fun

The boys have just been having too much fun this summer! They spent a weekend with Nana & Grangoat and went to a fun animal safari place. She got some really cute pictures!

I love Elijah's eyes. And Judah is just a NUT! Such a crack-up, oh my word.

Thanks for a fun weekend Nana & G!!! They boys also had two weeks of swim lessons. This is their last day when they could show parents what they've learned. Judah skipped the pre-k class, went straight to Level 1 and then was moved up to Level 2 for next time. He's a little fish and has NO FEAR. His teacher said, "He's not afraid of much is he?" :-)

Elijah continued to improve on learning his swimming strokes, especially his back stroke and working on dives.

Our 4th of July week was very low-key. My mom was in all this week from camp on her week off. The boys spent a few days with her & her Romanian friend, Andi, at my mom's friend's house. They had all kinds of fun! I can't get a few of the pics to rotate but you get the idea.

On the 4th we visited with friends from Lima, Peru and ate at my mom's friend's house. The boys saw fireworks later that night but Evie was too tired to make it. Here is our newest firecracker on her first 4th of July!

And here are all three of my little blessings on the 4th.

Elijah made sure that Jason and I were included in pictures!

Evie continues to do really well. I am slowly adjusting to having three kids. She swam for the first time in a big pool and loved it. I'll have to get pictures from Nana of her. Judah left today for a few days with my mom at camp - the boys each get a few days with Kaki at camp by themselves. I love the fun, laid back atmosphere that summertime brings!