Monday, July 23, 2012

orange beach, al {the beach}

 Most of our time was spent at the beautiful beach...boogie boarding, jumping the waves and playing in the sand. It was a blast and something my boys had never done before! Elijah was a boogie boarding expert by the time we left. Judah preferred to float past the bigger waves so they didn't hit him in the face. We also enjoyed sitting out on the deck of our condo that overlooked the beach. We ate a lot of meals out there!




That about covers our trip. It was a blast. Now, when are we going back again? :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

orange beach, al {alligators, airplanes, dolphins & parasailing}

On Monday of our trip, we went to Alligator Alley. We watched a show where they fed the alligators and we all got to hold a baby alligator.  It rained us out after that so they gave us a rain check where we came back the next day, held some alligators again and we even got to feed some alligators in the swamp.



 On Weds morning, all of the guys drove over to Pensacola to visit the Aviation Naval Museum where they got to sit inside the cockpit of some airplanes and Jason bought the boys their own dog tags.

 On Weds afternoon we all went on a dolphin cruise to spot dolphins out in their natural habitat. Those that know me well know I love dolphins, so I really enjoyed this! The boys even got to drive the boat themselves!


It was hard to capture photos of them, but here's one to show how close they got.


 On Friday morning all of us, except for Judah and Solomon, went para-sailing. There was a mix-up on whether or not we had paid for pictures (they wouldn't allow you to bring your own cameras, of course) so our group got no photos. :-( So here are some of Matt & Lauren to show you what we did. We went 800 feet above the ocean and me, Jason and Elijah all went together. I think I was more afraid than Elijah was...he loved it!