Monday, August 31, 2009

In the past week...

We took Elijah to get ice cream after his first day of school. The nice lady even put whipped cream and a cherry on top when she found out what a special day it was.

We made silly faces at the dinner table.

We played around in new boots while missing big brother.

And we made a mess with spaghetti. Yum, Yum!

Last week was hard, I'm not gonna lie. I missed Elijah a lot during the day, I felt off schedule, my body hated me for getting up so early, we had to move Judah's nap schedule around a bit to correspond with Elijah's and Elijah was grouchy & tired several days when I picked him up. It was hard when I wanted to see him all day and then he was in a bad mood when I got him. We all have a lot of adjusting to do.

In positive news, Lori and I started working on our preschool classroom last week and start back teaching on Sept 10th. I am ready for the new year and the schedule that brings.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Watch this Kindergarten Video

There are first day pictures below this, so check them out!

The first day was a big success! Elijah had a lot of fun and had a lot to say about everything. His teacher said that he had a great day too! I just hope his enthusiasm continues for 9 more months... :-)


Elijah: 1st Day of Kindergarten, August 24, 2009

Jason: Kindergarten, 1986

Summer: 1st Day of Kindergarten, 1985

We had a GREAT morning! Things couldn't have gone any better.

Eating his 1st day of kindergarten breakfast. Daddy got up and made him eggs - his favorite!

Putting on his new shoes:

The little man all ready for the big day!

I just love him! Can't believe he's big enough to be in school.

Riding in the car on the way to kindergarten

Walking up to the school building

Waiting to cross the street

Ms. Stanley putting on his name tag

Elijah with Ms. Stanley. She is so nice and we feel really good about her.

He walked right in, put his things up and started playing. We gave him hugs & kisses and left. I barely made it out of the building and lost it. My mom kept Judah this morning so Jason and I had breakfast together and I calmed down. It has been hard and I'm not sure what to do with myself yet. It seems so weird for it to be just me and Judah at home. Thank goodness Jason is home today. I know this will get easier, but right now I'm just wondering every second what he's doing. :-) I'll update later with his assessment of the first day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

San Antonio, TX

Tomorrow is Elijah's big first day of kindergarten, so I am going to fly through these pictures real fast of our trip. Pictures of the first day to come tomorrow.

The first thing we did at Sea World was feed the dolphins. Mommy's absolute favorite - I LOVE dolphins if you didn't know. :-) Elijah wasn't too sure about it so we didn't get a good picture of him.

Judah is checking them out:

The first show we saw had sea lions, otters and this big fat walrus - yikes!

The Shamu show ROCKS - it is so awesome! We all loved it...everyone except Judah when Shamu got us all wet with her tail. We were soaked in cold, salt water and the Bug was not happy about it at all. Otherwise, he loved watching all the shows!

So cool...this was my dream job growing up.

Me and the boys outside the show after we were soaked by Shamu.

Elijah was fearless, and was hacked when he was too small for a ride (read: the very large roller coasters). I mean hacked, he really wanted to do them and if he could have, he definitely would have. That was NOT me when I was little.

This is Journey to Atlantis in backwards order. He loved it!

The fearless duo coming off the ride - I rode it with him later and I mean it REALLY dropped your stomach bad. I can't believe he wanted to do it again.

Jason and Elijah on the log ride.

Me and Judah on the log ride. Got another fearless one I think. I can't believe he was big enough to ride this, but he loved it!

And this is just one of two large hills that we went down - I was more scared FOR Judah than he was himself.

Elijah playing in one of many water areas. I didn't get any pictures of the large water park we spent half a day at in Sea World (too wet), but it was a lot of fun.

Judah sucking his finger in the double stroller.

Judah sucking on a bottle at the dolphin show.

Random pictures here. But after our first day at Sea World, Jason and Elijah went to Cowboys Training Camp the first half of the second day. They had a good time.

Our family of four at the main entrance.

We watched a 4-D pirate movie - cool glasses! Judah did not like it when the water sprayed us from the seats.

Waiting for daddy while he rode this big roller coaster - one of the ones Elijah was hacked that he couldn't ride.

Chillin' with the Sea World mug.

That night we met Jason's sister Lauren and her fiancee Matt on the Riverwalk to eat Mexican food. They just happened to be in San An the same day...weird.

Aunt Laur-Laur and Uncle Matt with E

Lauren made lots of tortilla faces, like this one:

Great trip, we had a great time but were exhausted and glad to be back home. Sorry for the short recap but I'm off to bed so I can be ready for some kindergartener in the morning. :-)