Sunday, September 26, 2010


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I just saw this on a fellow adoption friend's blog and had to steal what she said.
I thought it was so profound and I love it so I'm just going to quote her.
Last week she saw this:

"It made me cry.

Sometimes I have doubts about adopting transracially. I wonder if we are doing the right thing. Some say that it is not "natural" for a white family to raise a black child. They argue that there are just too many differences between the races. Having never been there, it is hard not to wonder if they are right.

Then God comforted me with the gift of this image. Even in nature, he reminded me, he gives black babies to white mamas. They are both sheep. They are exactly the same on the inside. It just so happens that the wool of one is a different color than the wool of the other. There is nothing weird or unnatural about it. They are a family, just the way that God intended.

Lord, make us a family with the child that you have called us to love. Help us to see no difference but the color of our "wool." "

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Number Two

Elijah lost his second tooth on Friday night.
You can see the one to the left of it (his 1st lost tooth) grew in very nicely.
I called him over to me because I noticed him wiggling it a lot.
The thing was hanging by a thread.
I was afraid he was going to swallow it actually.
So one small maneuver by daddy and it was out.

He was very proud.
The tooth fairy only brought him $1.00 this time, not $5.00.
The tooth fairy isn't rich you know and this isn't the magical first tooth.
Here's to another hole in your mouth Elijah.
You're growing up so fast!

Friday, September 24, 2010

When's it our turn?

I've been following this family's blog for many months now but haven't checked in on them in a while. I was thrilled to see that they finally brought their daughter home from Ethiopia a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful video...these always make me tear up, get anxious, excited and praise the Lord all at the same time! Can't wait for our turn!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer, Ranger's & a little video

Last weekend the whole entire Cox family (minus Judah) went to watch the Ranger's whip up on the Yankee's. Judah stayed with Kaki because it was way too late for him (and thank goodness for that because with the rain delay we didn't get home until almost 1:30am!!!!)

Elijah and Lauren before the game:

Most of the crew (minus Deb who took the picture).

I may have had a minor run-in with the drunk 60 year olds in front of us who were celebrating a bachelor party. They were being ridiculously loud, rude and using lots of profanities in front of my 6 year old. I tried to remove Elijah as far down the row as I could but to no avail. I finally confronted the loudest one, who got defensive, in which case Nova and Gary chimed in to help me. They finally left and went to a bar from what we could tell. Thank goodness, everything was much better after that. You can't take your kids anywhere these days.

Removing the rain cover from the field (it delayed the game for over an hour)

Elijah with his rally cap. We won in the bottom of the 9th because the Yankee pitcher hit our batter forcing the run on 3rd home. Woohoo!


The same day (earlier in the day - my pictures are out of order), Elijah had his first soccer game of the season. His team name is the Fury and daddy is the coach this year. Elijah loves soccer!

Judah had fun playing in a net on the sidelines and bringing Laur-Laur a flower....which he promptly took back right after this photo was taken. :-)

This is just a sweet video I took of Judah earlier this evening. He is at an adorable age and his language is just exploding. He is usually very charismatic and tonight was no exception, so enjoy him really being himself for the camera because I'm rarely able to capture it.

I also have to say so that I don't forget one day... While I was rocking him before bed tonight, he opened his sleepy eyes and said, "I want to see Jesus" and then started singing Jesus Loves Me. It just melted my prayer is that God will keep drawing him closer and closer to Himself.

Friday, September 10, 2010

All Judah

So Judah and I started a new school year yesterday at YCW. He is in the 2 year old class this year. I am a lead teacher now with a new assistant, LeeAnn. Lori is now our department lead. The day went very smoothly...great class, great co-teacher and Judah had a wonderful day too. He walked right in his class and said bye, used the potty all day with no accidents and waved at me in the hall while in line with no tears. Such a big boy!

Here are some pictures...he is not thrilled with me taking them apparently and he is very proud of his new Buzz Lightyear backpack!

His new teacher, Ms. Jessica. We are so thrilled he has such a wonderful teacher!


And forgive the underwear but while Elijah's at school he tries to fill his brother's shoes...literally. :-)

Oh, and get ready for OCTOBER!!! Our garage sale will be Oct 15-16 at our home. Start saving up your JUNK for me!!!! And get ready for details on our t-shirt fundraiser that has been moved to OCTOBER as well. OCTOBER is shaping up to be a busy month of fundraising for our baby girl. Thanks for your support...we couldn't do it without you!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I just wanted to write a little post in honor of the fact that today we've been on the waiting list for our daughter for 2 MONTHS!!! In a lot of ways, the time has really flown and other times (like when Elijah asks for the millionth time when we can bring his baby sister home) the time has been crawling by. Here is what I do know though...they told us an average of 6-8 months until we receive a referral for our baby girl and we have 2 MONTHS under our belt!!! That is exciting and is starting to feel like we are really making a dent in this waiting period. Literally any day, and only God knows what day that will be, we'll receive THE CALL and know that our waiting has all been worth it. That will be a day that we'll remember forever.

In honor of our 2 month wait, please watch this sweet video. It's an orphan lullaby for all of the orphans in the world. Baby girl, I pray that someone rocks you and loves on you until we can. We can't wait! Pray and consider how you can help the least of these...if you're not called to adopt, then maybe you can sponsor a child through Compassion International or get involved in an orphan ministry at your church or be a mentor to a child or love on & support a family that is adopting. There are so many options..."the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few".

If you can't get see the whole video, click play and then double click it and it will open in another browser where you can see the whole thing better.