The journey to our daughter, Evangeline, began many years ago. When we got married, adoption was not even on our radar. It was simply something that other people did - more radical people that have a lot of money and can love children that aren't their "own". We had two biological children, then very slowly the Lord began peeling the scales off our eyes and they were fully opened to the orphan crisis. Once this realization sank in, we knew that we could not go back. The Bible simply commands that we care for the orphan. There are many different ways to care for the orphan, but for us we knew that God was calling us to adoption. We were scared and unsure and felt simply inadequate, but God very gently and slowly led us down the path while supplying everything we needed along the way. November 29, 2012 - the day we found out about our beautiful daughter in Ethiopia, was one of the happiest days of our lives. The whole journey made sense on that day when we saw her face, but we also learned that adoption is necessary because of some great loss. God knew her long before we even entertained the word "adoption". I cannot imagine if we had said "no" and missed out on this wonderful, amazing blessing! Evie is no longer called orphan but daughter. She is no less our child than our two biological children. We adopt because God has adopted us into His family. Evie came home to her forever family on May 2, 2013 and she is our joy!
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