Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas 2010

we had a wonderful christmas.
i can't believe it's already over...that season seems to FLY by!
we started off with a birthday party on christmas morning.

for JESUS of course!
we finished off our advent tree with the story of jesus' birth
and placing the star ornament on top.

i have to say that the advent tree was a huge success with our boys.
can't wait to carry on that tradition for years to come.
they were genuinely excited about it every.single.night.
we sang happy birthday to jesus and then it was on to presents!

"bubble wrap??? seriously???"
i think this is what elijah was thinking in this

there is a story to the bubble wrap.
a month or so ago, i got a package in the mail that had bubble wrap in it.
elijah took it out, started popping it and said that bubble wrap was his most favorite thing ever!
we started teasing that if it was his favorite thing ever,
then we'd get him TONS of it for christmas.
well then he started backtracking and saying he was just kidding, etc.
over the past few weeks leading up to christmas, jason and i would say every now and then how excited he was going to be when santa brought him tons of bubble wrap.
he wasn't too thrilled but it was HILARIOUS when that was the first present he opened.
i don't think he thought it was as funny as his daddy and i did. :-)
anyways, i digress.

stocking and some of the presents at our house...

then it was on to nana & grangoat's house.
these pictures are not in order.
judah conked out after all the festivities.
in the middle of the living room with tons of noise.
so not like him but he'd had a big day.


the sweetest, softest baby doll from pottery barn kids
from nana and grangoat for our sweet baby girl.
i love it!

the highlight of judah's day!
definitely his favorite gift of the year.

and here's the whole family.
two more will be in the picture next year.
our baby girl and brad & nova's new baby due in july!!!
i am secretly hoping it's a girl too...that would be too much fun!

the wives are sitting behind their respective husbands.
top row: lauren (j's sister), nova, me, judah and debbie (nana)
bottom row: matt, brad (j's brother), elijah, jason and gary (grangoat)

i always take my mother-in-law's picture taking for granted.
debbie, thank you for taking such great pictures!
i on the other hand am horrible and got NO pictures with my side of the family.
they do exist and we did have a great time! :-)
hope your christmas was wonderful too!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Have a wonderful holiday celebrating Jesus with your family!

Below are a lot more photos that my mother-in-law captured on the day we got these pictures for our Christmas card. They turned out WONDERFUL! Hope you enjoy them (click to make them bigger), and see if you can find the hidden Africas in our Christmas card...thanks to my brilliant sister-in-law!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

i saw mommy kissing santa clause

so we have our very own santa clause in our home this year.
complete with a real beard.
he grew it, he sprayed it and he's rockin' it!
honestly though, i prefer it a little shorter and a little less white,
but i can have a little christmas spirit for a few more days. :-)

and while i have the time,
a few more christmas activities we've done this week...

merry christmas eve EVE everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

small group fun

here is a glimpse into our small group from sunday nights.
we sure love being with all of you guys!

i think our boys are ready for a baby sister! :-)
two new posts below...