Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Professional Pictures

Judah is 2 months old today....sniff, sniff. They grow up too fast!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Request for more pictures

I feel like a terrible blogger lately. I guess I really do have no life right now except for taking care of my two sweet boys because all I seem to have to blog about are pictures of them and what they're doing. :-) Oh's the phase of life I'm in right now! I am helping plan our 10 year high school reunion and some girlfriends and I are planning regular Girls Nights Out so those aren't child-related! :-) Plus we just got tickets to see Coldplay in November and bought their new album on Tuesday - it ROCKS! Okay, back to what you guys really are pictures of the boys and what they've been doing:

Elijah's end-of-season t-ball party was at a spray water park

Judah wore his swim gear, too!

Elijah's took a 2-week every day swim class and did really well - he can swim several feet by himself and float on his back alone. We were so impressed with his progress that we have him enrolled in a few private lessons now.

For Father's Day, I got Jason and Elijah tickets to the FC Dallas soccer game in Frisco. It was both of their first time to go and they had a great time even though it was really HOT!

Here's my little guy smiling

and playing on his activity mat, which he loves!

And here are some of my attempts to get a picture of both of them together. It usually doesn't go very well. :-)

This one is from our Summer Spectacular VBS at church this week - they are studying Jonah this year.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jason's Birthday

Jason turned 27 on June 7th and his parents took all of us to the Ranger's game on Sat night for his birthday. We had a great time and Judah did amazing!

Okay, a little too close but you get the point - we never take pictures of just the two of us anymore :-)

Elijah's new best friend - Captain, the Ranger's mascot. He LOVED watching him the whole game and then, lo and behold, Captain came and sat by HIM! Elijah thought it was way cool!

Watching the game - such a dedicated fan

That's Nolan Ryan - yes, the "old guy"....I was shocked as well :-)

MMMM, cotton candy, which he ate a little too much of

Watching the game with Nana & Grangoat

On the way home he said he wasn't tired - I'll let you be the judge

Happy Birthday, Jason! We're still the same age for 2 more weeks and then, yes, I'll be "old" again! :-) I love you - you are such an amazing husband and a wonderful daddy to our two little boys. We are all so lucky to have you!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What have we been up to, you ask???

Honestly, not a whole lot of exciting news to share. I was really sick this past week with strep throat, and am thankfully now feeling better. Those 2 days taking care of 2 kids with 102 fever were NOT FUN! I think I now know how it feels to be a real mother! :-) Elijah did start swim lessons this past week - he goes every day for 2 weeks, and he's doing great! I'm going to blog about that when he is finished at the end of this week. And Jason's birthday was yesterday, but I'm waiting on a few pictures before I blog about that, so here are some random pictures since I last wrote, and that's all I have for now....

Elijah has been helping with the laundry.

He finished his t-ball season on Weds night and received a trophy. Now he says he wants to play soccer, so we're looking into that for the fall.

Judah is smiling - this is my best attempt to capture that. He has actually been smiling for several weeks now - it is precious!
He likes to suck on his fingers sometimes.

Poor thing has baby acne really bad all over his face and neck.

My mom & sister painted this scripture for me to hang over his bed.

Here he is this past Friday, exactly 6 weeks old, and his first time in the Bumbo chair.

And my two sweet boys (one who's developed a double chin:-)