Sunday, September 23, 2007

Party of Four

I think the picture says it all. Around April 22, 2008, we will add another blessing to our family. I went to the doctor last week - I am nearly 11 weeks and the baby looks healthy, so we are very thankful to God for that. I have been very sick with morning sickness that lasts all day for about a month now, and even with the strong anti-nausea/vomiting medicine from the doctor, I can barely function. It has been a battle, both physically and emotionally, and I am praying there is a light at the end of this first-trimester tunnel very soon. That should explain my lack of blogging lately. :-) Please just pray that this baby will continue to grow strong and healthy, and that this pregnancy will glorify God. We are a little nervous, simply because of the health problems that Elijah and I experienced the last time I was pregnant, and would covet your prayers for a problem-free pregnancy and delivery this time around. I would post the sonogram picture but I don't have a scanner, and frankly, not many could distinguish what was what at this point anyways. :-) We will keep you updated on the pregnancy through this blog. Until next time...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Okay, I know it's not officially fall yet but I'm already getting excited! I think fall is my favorite time of the year, especially October. I love October! Just knowing that it's right around the corner makes me giddy. And for all you jokesters out there, I have heard the seasonal jokes about my name more than a million times - I know what my name is and still it's not my absolute favorite time of year - maybe a close second. :-) Here are some things that I LOVE about fall:

-The change of weather from hot to cool (or less hot :-)
-The anticipation of the holidays
-Taking walks in the fall air
-Football season - especially Aggie football games. WHOOP!!!!
-Pumpkin patches & carnivals
-Fall decorations
-Halloween (and this year, Elijah says he wants to be a penguin - HUH?)
-All my favorite TV shows start a new season
-Kids are back in school, including my nieces and nephews - I love going to their sports & activities and can't wait for Elijah's school stuff in 2 years!
-Ladies fall bible study at church
-Retreats & fun weekend activities
-Volleyball - watching my niece & the kids I used to coach

I could list more probably, but can't think of more right now. What's your favorite season and/or your favorite things about that season or about the fall?

Also, it is so hard to believe that 9-11 happened 6 years ago! I remember exactly where I was in my apartment in College Station when it happened and my roommate and I turned on the TV. Jason & I were engaged and I remember calling him to tell him about it. So much has happened since then but I know that those families who lost loved ones are still grieving. I haven't forgotten them, even 6 years later.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Better late than never I guess

In no particular order, here are a ton of pictures of things we did on our "vacation" the week before last. We had a great time and enjoyed every minute!
A funny Elijah story...earlier this evening he just randomly told Jason: "Mommy's a princess. Mommy's a queen. Mommy is Santa Clause." Hmmmm, I like the first two but I'm not quite sure where he came up with the third one! :-)
On another note, I am flying out to New Mexico tomorrow night to help my mom with an estate sale and will be back on Sunday. Elijah will be staying with friends and family while Jason's at work and school. Please keep my safety in your prayers and our family as we are separated.

Fishing with Daddy & Grangoat:

Sailing, fishing & swimming on Eagle Mountain Lake:

The Fort Worth Zoo:

Watching a movie with Daddy:

The Wiggles Play Center in Frisco:

Being a pirate:
(with my sister-in-law Lauren and her boyfriend Matt)