Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Whirlwind is a great way to describe our life right now. We are always going and doing and I never get a chance to do anything on this blog anymore. Here is a quick recap of our March and most of April. A separate Easter post is hopefully coming soon! Evie turned 23 months old on April 7th. It's hard to believe she's almost two!!!

 We had dinner over at some dear friends' house. Here are my kids with Savannah and Spencer. Their mama Ashley and I have known each other since we were born!

Judah's kindergarten class had "pet" caterpillars that recently turned into butterflies. They were so proud of their "babies". Here is Judah with his good friend Joaquin and their caterpillars.

The day before Easter weekend, they released the butterflies and had an "egg drop". Each student created a homemade contraption to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from the school roof. The kids enjoyed it, but unfortunately Judah's egg didn't make it. He was disappointed.

We witnessed the baptism of my dear friend Abbie's daughter, Ellie. Elijah and Ellie grew up together as babies/toddlers - they did everything together, and Abbie is so special to me. It was so emotional watching Ellie baptized by her Daddy on Easter Sunday!

A few weeks ago, Nana & Grangoat took the grandkids to the zoo - this was Evie's first time at their zoo.

Also a few weeks ago, the boys got to spend a weekend in Austin with Aunt Laur-Laur and Uncle Matt. They had a blast! They played at the park, watched a movie, went to a baseball game and Matt tried to throw them both in the water! :-)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

adoption day, 22 months, spring break and more

On March 5th, we celebrated Evie's one year adoption day. That was the day we went to court in Ethiopia and she was pronounced legally our daughter (though she already was in our hearts). I made doro wat with rice. Anyone want to help a girl out with an injera recipe that works? I have tried and tried to make it with no success and we have no restaurants close enough to buy it. Help!!! We bought an injera maker in Ethiopia, we just need to get the batter right.

Evie loved all of it, especially the lemon cake!

 She turned 22 months old on March 7th.

Just look how much she's grown since she came home. Amazing!!!

 Over spring break, the boys spent a few days in Marble Falls with my mom. She took them to some caverns on the way and to see two movies while there. Other than that, they ran around camp outside and drove the four wheeler around. Heaven on earth to these boys!

There are always beautiful bluebonnets at camp!

And they saw some real live buffalo!

Miss Priss has more personality than any child I've ever seen! She is very, very expressive and happy!

 My sweet neighbor made the boys their own rainbow with a pot of gold (chocolate) for St. Patrick's Day. They devoured it as a snack after school.

Elijah posing as a leprechaun with his pot of gold. :-)

I have good intentions of taking more pictures this month and updating this blog more often. Soccer season is about to start, all three kids' birthdays are coming up, and end of the school year activities will be close behind!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

i don't even know where to start...

 I am so far behind on this blog so you'll have to bear with me through a lot of pictures to play catch-up. A lot has happened in the past month!

Evie met her friend Evelyn for the first time. Evie also dressed herself to go "hiking".

The boys have had so many activities at school that I've failed to document them all. Field trips (including Judah's first and first time on a school bus), 100th day of school, special activities, awards and parties. I am so proud of both of them though. Elijah won a medal in a personal narrative writing contest - he is a wonderful writer! Judah read/passed 50 AR tests, and they both got to go on a privileged field trip to Omni for their reading success. Way to go guys!

Evie turned 21 months old and has been home for 9 months now!

She also celebrated her first Valentines Day in pink!

Judah's class Valentine party:
Judah adores Liza.

Elijah's class Valentine party, complete with a dance-off:
Someone was tired of the stroller by this point. :-)
Elijah and his friend Darius
Elijah and his friend Jasmine

The park after the Valentine parties!
 Yay for Valentines Day!

 Last weekend Judah wanted to take the training wheels off his bike. For the first hour, he regretted his decision and there were lots of talks and tears.
But we made him stick with it and now he is a 2-wheeling pro!
 While he was learning, Evie was getting a lesson from her biggest brother.

And one of the sweetest things I've been able to witness this month, was the homecoming of a precious little boy from Ethiopia. Airport parties are the best!
God sets the lonely in families. There is one less orphan in the world tonight. Be the change you want to see in the world. Love one.