Tuesday, May 28, 2013

memorial day weekend

We are slowly getting out and doing more with Evie. She handles everything really well but her friendliness is why we are still keeping her close. This was her busiest weekend yet and she did great! We went to Gainesville for the day on Sunday when Jason preached at his parents' church. While there we went to Lavender Ridge farms.

The boys had a lot of fun with their cousin Solomon. In December, they will welcome another little cousin to the mix!

I think Evie was a little sleepy here. She didn't get her morning nap but she handled it pretty well.

Drinking lavender lemonade. It was yummy!

The boys checking out the alpacas.

I think she was in Nana heaven here! We are letting family hold her for a few minutes at a time, as long as we're close by.

Elijah got a wooden sword and shield. Judah got a bow and arrows.

Monday was great! Who doesn't enjoy a relaxing holiday at home with their family? No schedules and nowhere to be. We also took the kids to see Epic. I re-learned the lesson of not bringing a one year old to the movie theater. I hardly saw any of the movie, but the boys enjoyed it! Only a week and a half until summertime and we can't wait!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

second week with evie

I can't believe that tomorrow will mark 3 weeks home for Evie. Things are going really well. I am physically tired and tired of being cooped up in the house most of the time, but things are great! I feel like attachment and bonding are moving right along and it seems like she's just meant for our family. We love her to pieces. Of course everything is not perfect. She is a girl which equals drama and she is very good at throwing fits when she doesn't get her way! :-) But that is so minor because she is eating well and sleeping well and wants me to hold her all the time - all good things! She has gained weight since she got home and gotten two shots which completely catches her up! Here are some pictures from the week!

Is there anything cuter than a clean baby in footie pajamas?!?!?

And just check out those beautiful curls! They have gotten longer since she got home.

She can make a MESS at mealtimes!!!

She went for her first ride in a swing and loved it!

She loves bathtime! Yes, we have her in laundry basket so she doesn't slip and hit her head. A friend suggested that and I thought it was a genius idea!

This is what we call her "stinkeye" and we see it quite frequently!

I also took Evie on the last day of school for a quick visit to meet my preschool class. They were so cute and excited and asked me a lot of questions! Judah also got to show her off to his class.

She is a ham and just loved the attention!

The boys have been busy as well, I just haven't captured a lot of photos lately. Last night they went to a Ranger's game with their Daddy and a friend. They had a lot of fun!

Judah is done with preschool now, Elijah just finished up his soccer season and has 2 more weeks of school before summertime - can't wait!!! We've been to birthday parties and helped with our big Orphan Sunday at our church this past weekend. So excited that this is now an annual event! Jason and I are taking turns staying with Evie. We've had a lot of visitors to meet her and meals delivered to our house, which we are so grateful for! We are just in awe that this is now our life and she is home forever. God is so good and so faithful. More later.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

blog makeover

Thanks to my wonderfully talented sister-in-law, my blog is now up to date to include Miss Evie! :-) I'll be working on the tabs and getting everything finished up soon! Thanks Lauren!!!

fitting right in

So things are going really well with Evie right now. The first week was stressful as we started a new routine, figured out her sleeping & eating habits and got to know her better. This week is going MUCH better! She is feeling more and more like my daughter each day. I have a lot of random pictures from the week that I wanted to get on here.

I wanted to note that Judah is very particular about his hair. I find him on a regular basis looking in the mirror, wetting his hair down and brushing it.

This was the final product and he said, "Now I look good cause I look like a grown up." Not sure which grown-ups he's comparing himself to but I'm thinking Eddie Munster? :-)

My friend Lori brought dinner over the other day and this was the first time for Evie and her future BFF Lily to play together on the floor for a few minutes. They were so cute!

These next three are just some cute shots from Mother's Day that Nana took.

And last but not least, this is Judah today on his very last day of preschool ever. He has been at YCW two days a week since he was a baby, but after today he is a kindergartener.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

elijah turns nine

Above, Elijah's last night as an 8 year old. Yesterday he turned 9. SIGH. My mom pointed out that in 9 more years he'll graduate high school. That is just depressing. We've had him at home half the time we'll have him here. Ugh. Time moves too fast. We love this guy so much!!!

 Now he's NINE!!!!

I surprised him by bringing Evie up to school for about 10 mins when they did his cupcakes and sang at the end of the day. He was so proud to show her off! Then he opened his gift at home, picked up Wing Stop for dinner (his choice) and had his birthday cake.

Some of the cute party guests!

Somebody is fitting right in with the family!

I love this boy. He made me a mama and I couldn't be more proud that he's mine. He is kind and compassionate and thinks through things. He takes good care of his brother & sister. One story: he took his Walmart gift card that he had earned and bought something for himself and for Judah with it. He told me, "Judah will just love this, I can't wait to give it to him!" Melted my heart. Don't get me wrong, they fight like cats & dogs sometimes, but deep down he loves him and would protect him in a heartbeat.

Elijah, you are precious to us. We are so proud of you and love you so so much!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

evie's first week at home

I am still working on getting more pictures from the airport and trip and when I do I will back date them so keep checking! Meanwhile, Miss Evie has already spent a whole week at home! In some ways I can't believe it's been a week already and in some ways it's been long, especially with not being able to go many places. For the most part things are going really well and she is a very sweet baby. She went to her first doctor's appointment this week as well as a walk and trip to the park. She also rode with Daddy to Judah's graduation and sneakily watched from upstairs. No one even knew she was there, and then Daddy took her home immediately after. Other than that, she has been at home. Attachment and bonding is going well. She is very friendly, which everyone LOVES but which is not good for attachment in that she would go to anybody. I think that is already getting better. We have not let anyone else hold her yet. A few days ago she started having some sleeping issues which we are still fighting...this has been the hardest part so far. I am tired and the hectic schedule with 3 kids already seems to be a lot more than two! Jason is abandoning me on Monday to go back to work. I'm a little nervous about getting the other two to school & back and scheduling all of that around her naps. Yikes. I know I'll figure it out in time. God is good and we still can't believe that she's home with us! Here are pictures of her first week at home!

Her very first morning at home she took a nap in the Moby and played with toys on the floor.

This was the first time I put her in her crib in her room. She sometimes naps in there but is sleeping in our room at night.

 And one time she napped in a laundry basket. :-)

Her two big brothers adore her! Judah is handling the change really well!

We had a little trouble figuring out what she liked to eat but that is going much better. Here she is eating her Ethiopian cereal for breakfast one morning.

Oh my word, she is SO cute and I'm having fun dressing her in cute outfits!

She really likes the jumper if you can't tell by those big smiles!

Jason loves the Beatles and I bought this outfit on sale a LONG time ago when we were waiting. I was so thrilled that it's not too small!

She is handling the "Little Sister" role very well!

The girl also loves her baths! I'll have to take a picture of that soon.

Evie, we have loved getting to know you this week! We love you and are so glad you're home!