Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Steps

**Updated - pictures and video

Judah took his first walking steps today (3-24-09)! He was playing with his toys, stood up and took 4 little steps in my direction and then sat down. I couldn't really get him to do more than 2 steps a couple more times, but I wanted to officially document these first steps. I can't believe he'll be walking soon...and 11 months old tomorrow!

11 months old 3-25-09

He wasn't being very cooperative this morning - this is blurry but is the theme of the morning!


Elijah took his first steps toward becoming an official kindergartener today. Jason and I registered him at his new school this evening, so he is officially enrolled and his first day will be on August 24, 2009. I think I need to start storing back boxes of tissues NOW!

This is the best I could get of him walking - about 2 steps - but I'm working on getting a better one soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just FYI

I did not get re-baptized. Those of you that go to church with me and read the bulletin may have noticed that my name was listed as newly baptized. I wasn't...I was baptized in 1994, when I was 14. :-) The only thing I can figure out is that the man who taught the baptism class when I went with Lindsey last week, accidentally turned my name in as baptized. Moving on, now that that's cleared up. :-)

We had a great weekend with Stephanie! Elijah got very attached to her and didn't want her to go home. He also enjoyed talking to and feeling baby Clint moving around in her tummy. Can't wait until he gets here in June!


Who knew you could have so much fun with a straw?!?!


I thought this was a great shot of Judah's whiny face when he wants mama!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Weekend of Celebrations

1. Elijah is officially a DOLPHIN!!! He was accepted to the RALC school where he will start kindergarten in the fall. We are so excited! This is a special interest school, a more hands-on learning approach, that is part of our ISD but you are not assigned to this school based on where you live. There are 5 special interest elementaries in our town, and you apply on a first-come, first-serve basis. This particular one has been called "a hidden gem" in the city, so I'm praying that this will be a wonderful start to his school experience. Also, the teacher I am going to request is an Aggie, so that doesn't hurt either! :-)

2. Baby Jasper made it safe and sound into the world on Saturday morning with RED HAIR! Lori and I went to the hospital to visit Jennifer and got to love on him & hold him. He is precious! Welcome to the world little man!

3. And the best news of all I saved for last. Jason had the GREAT PRIVILEGE of baptizing my nephew Andrew's girlfriend Lindsey yesterday. Praise God that we have another sister in Christ! I'm telling you people, being a part of things like this is what life is all about...this is true joy!

Lindsey's story is a very swift & powerful one and she has renewed my joy in our salvation in Christ. Just this past summer Lindsey was not a believer, and began going to church for the first time with a friend of hers. After she started dating Andrew, they began to go to church together at Richland Hills, and the past couple of months at church we have met up with them, sat with them, ate with them and talked with them every Sunday. They have even driven up to Gainesville to hear Jason preach twice - Jason calls them his "groupies". :-)

A few weeks ago, she mentioned that she wanted to know more about baptism so we talked about it some and then I went with her to a baptism class at church yesterday and as soon as it was over, she was ready to be baptized herself! Jason, Andrew and I were overjoyed, and so proud of her decision. Her family are not believers, but she is on fire for God and so excited about her new identity in Christ!

We could not be more happy for her...she is a sweet, sweet girl. I believe that Lindsey will be a mighty warrior for the Lord, and He will do great things through her.
Congratulations Lindsey!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Babies, Babies and More Babies!!!

I just LOVE newborn babies! I mean, who doesn't??? And no, I most certainly DO NOT have baby fever...I just have lots of friends having new babies right now so I will snuggle with their babies instead of having another of my own.

Today, I am anxiously awaiting the news of Jasper's birth. My good friend, Jennifer, had a c-section this morning, so I know that he is probably already here but I can't wait to know how much he weighed, what he looks like, and then go up to meet the little guy! Jennifer and I met last year in girl's bible study, then found out that we were both passionate about mission work in the future, then became part of the same Girl's Night Out group, and now we teach together at the church preschool and she is Elijah's teacher. I have really enjoyed our new friendship and getting to know her better. She has a sweet 2 year old boy, Bennett, and we can't wait to meet Bennett's new baby brother, Jasper.

My very best friend since the 5th grade, Lori, is having her second daughter, Grace Katherine, in May and I can't wait to be a part of that celebration! Lori was a big part of Judah's birthday - what a crazy day - and I am excited to be a part of Grace's birthday and to watch sweet Annalee become a big sister!

My very bestest college friend, Stephanie, is having her first baby, a boy named Clinton Allen, in June right around my birthday. I am already trying to make plans as to what to do with my boys when she goes into labor so that I can be in Houston ASAP and be a part of that special day with the other Cox family and welcome baby Clint into the world! Stephanie, I can't wait until you come visit me next weekend!

It is a fun stage of life to be in right now, when all of your friends are having babies. It just gives you a reason to celebrate!

Speaking of babies, here are some new pictures of my babies:

Judah was under the weather with allergies the other day, so I set them both up in front of a video. Elijah got mad at me when he realized I'd taken his picture - hence, why I have hardly any pictures of him...he just doesn't like that right now. :-) That's why I was so thrilled with the pictures from the park that we got a few weeks ago.

This is the way that Judah says "mama"...no words, just whining. :-)

Judah snuggling with Daddy...he looks really old to me in this picture. Judah, not Jason.

A better picture of his new trick. He took a step the other day and fell...won't be long!

When he plays, he squats and I think it's so cute!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Show Me Your Muscles

When Elijah was around a year old, we started asking him to show us his muscles. He would make this awful strained face and clinch his fists, and we would die laughing of course! It was the cutest thing and went on for about 6 months.

He soon outgrew it and I was sad, but it sure was cute while it lasted!

It appears that the big muscle gene was passed on to his baby brother. Now Elijah is the one asking Judah to show us his muscles and he thinks it's so funny. Of course I told him the story of how he was the original muscle man! I'm sure happy to have another one though...I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Check him out!

Friday, March 06, 2009

A Myriad of Events

Happy boy taking a bath


He said he was being a detective...don't ask

Somebody has a new trick! He'll be walking pretty soon I think

My mom took the boys and I to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glenrose this week. It was so much fun! The animals come right up to your car while you drive through. Elijah got a big kick out of it!

Judah wasn't so sure about this giant striped thing right in his face!

The giraffe was the coolest in my opinion!

Beautiful view at the wildlife park

Elijah loved brushing the goats!

This emu's name was Einstein and he was very friendly!

We didn't go in the dinosaur park - but Elijah wanted his picture with the huge dinosaur


Two very rare pictures:

Judah has been a GREAT sleeper lately - best yet! He slept 12 hours straight the other night and he's NEVER done that before! I snapped this picture that night when I went to check on him because I couldn't believe he hadn't woken up yet. He was out of it!


More from the park pictures that my mother-in-law took. Sorry, not a lot of time to say much right now but I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!