Tuesday, January 21, 2014

12 years, 20 months, melkam gena & a dedication

Jason and I celebrated 12 years of marriage on January 5th. We had our first kid-free weekend since Evie came home. It was awesome. We slept in, ate out, shopped, saw a movie and had a fancy steak dinner. I love this man - he is such a great husband and father. I did good. :-) I really don't like "selfies" but these were the only pictures from our anniversary weekend.

Evie turned 20 months old on Ethiopian Christmas Day. I neglected to get pictures of our celebration that evening. I set up a small Ethiopian Christmas tree that I plan to add to each year, we ate, listened to Ethiopian music and read an Ethiopian nativity story. I'm hoping to add to the traditions as I learn more about how its celebrated there.

She has so much personality! Nana got her & her baby matching pj's for Christmas.

On January 8th, our church had the sweetest baby dedication for all babies born & adopted in 2013. They had a nice reception where an elder and his wife prayed over our children and family. Then a dedication in front of the church.

We didn't have the opportunity to do something like this with our boys, so it was a first for our family. We loved it! Funny story...when the elder and his wife were praying for Evie, they had their hands on her and she slapped them away! Lol, oops. That's our Evie for ya! Spunky and not afraid to let you know if she doesn't like something!