Thursday, July 29, 2010

Colorado 2010

This is a sampling of our trip to Colorado...all out of order too. My computer has been acting up for weeks so this is the best you're gonna get. :-) There were literally hundreds to choose from - these are some of the best with no explanation so have fun looking at them!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Trigger: January 7, 2002 - July 17, 2010

I think most people know, but we returned from our vacation in Colorado knowing that Trigger was missing. He had somehow escaped from our back gate last Wednesday...we still aren't sure how it happened. I was a dummy and had forgotten to put his collar on him before we left. :-(

Elijah was determined to find him. We got back late on Friday night and as soon as the shelters opened at noon the next day, Jason and Elijah went to 3 different shelters with no luck. We posted on facebook, emailed our neighborhood association president who sent it out to the neighborhood and put up fliers on telephone poles.

Our neighbor called on Sunday evening saying that he had seen our posters and had had Trigger for a couple of days but had taken him to the humane society on Friday. Ironically, Trigger had returned to our old house a few blocks away, gone in through his old doggy door and was standing in the man's living room when he got That just makes me smile...he was trying to find us. Smart dog.

Me and the boys went to the shelter as soon as it opened on Monday. We searched every cage but couldn't find him. They finally linked his picture and the man's information to a euthanasia report. We were devastated. They claimed he was brought in with severe injuries, couldn't walk and was crying in pain so they put him down on Saturday morning - a mere hours before Jason and Elijah had arrived. Sigh.

I talked with the man who brought him and he said that was not true, there was no way he was injured enough to be put down. He said he had a small injury on his neck and that was it. We reviewed video of Trigger being brought in, talked thoroughly with the staff there and still aren't sure what to believe. He did not appear to be in pain when he was brought in and we feel he was done an injustice. He was not even there 24 hours before they put him down. He had seizures every few months and we feel maybe that had something to do with it but I guess we'll never know.

We miss him and always will. We got Trigger (half beagle/half dachsund) at a flea market in Weatherford for $75 just 3 months after we got married. All his brothers and sisters were $50 but the owner said Trigger was his favorite so they "upped his price" :-) His birthday was two days after our wedding. He has been through everything with us...all our homes, moves, our children, everything. My boys loved him and he was so sweet to them. Elijah still tears up almost every time he talks about him...that makes me hurt inside.

This is the note Elijah posted on our door the day after we got home from Colorado.
"Ware is are dog His name is trigre". So sweet...he wanted to find him so bad.


*Working on a Colorado post, but if anyone can't wait, my mother-in-law put together a slide show with video at *

Thursday, July 22, 2010

In honor of being on the wait list...

I got these two t-shirts for my 30th know, every "pregnant" person needs a new maternity wardrobe! :-)
One on the left from Lori says "Roots in Africa" and one on the right from Jason says "Adoption Rocks" with the Ethiopian flag in the heart. Love them!

I made these three. I cut out and ironed on the two on the bottom for myself. The top one I painted on with a stencil for Elijah. I plan to make Judah one too when I can find a plain shirt in his size sometime soon. 3 weeks down on the wait list...who knows how many to go!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

3-2-1...BLAST OFF!!!

Can anyone tell I'm trying to catch up on all my blog posts?? :-) We are leaving for Colorado for the week on Saturday with Jason's family so I want all of these done before I leave.

Jason was off work this past Monday for the 4th, so he and Elijah finally put together a rocket that Elijah has had for a few weeks. We went down to a field by the river and launched it. I honestly didn't have the faith in my husband that he had assembled this very complicated thing the right way so that it would launch. Well, me of little was awesome and they were able to launch it 3 times!

Elijah getting ready to do the countdown and push the launch button.

If this is highly illegal, don't turn us in. Jason was prepared to take it like a man if he got

Retrieving the rocket from far, far away. The thing went really high and then parachuted down pretty far from where we were, especially the 3rd time.

So proud that it worked!

That evening we took the boys to see Toy Story 3 with my mom. They LOVED it and neither one moved the entire 2 hours. It was of the 3 in my opinion!

I videoed the first launch...I am snickering at the beginning because they push the button and it was delayed or something because it didn't move. I thought it was going to be a big dud. :-)