Monday, June 09, 2014

End of School Activities

Wow, what a busy whirlwind the end of the school year is! At the end of April, Judah had his kindergarten program. I videoed it so did not get pictures of the performance, but Kaki was in town to come!

My goofy kids.

Mid-May, Evie had her last day of preschool.  Here she is on her first and last day of her first year of preschool. She had a wonderful year and LOVED school! Moving on to the 2 year old class!

I also finished another year of teaching at YCW. This is me and my sweet co-teacher, Christina, at our pre-K class's graduation ceremony with one of our cuties, Lorelai.

Two more of my sweet kids - Linkon and Maggie - asking them what they want to be when they grow up.

Elijah and his friend, Jasmine, won 2nd place in the whole district for 4th grade teams in the science fair. We were SO PROUD of them!!!

A couple of weeks ago, both boys had field day - it was a blast!

Judah and Joaquin are hilarious together - love them.

Last week both boys had their awards programs and end of the year parties. We adore this school!

Oh Mrs. Stanley, there are no words. We love you to pieces!!! Blessed, blessed, blessed that she was the start to both of my boys' public school experience!

The kindergarten aide, Mrs. Littlejohn. She is so so sweet!

Judah's best friend at school, Joaquin and his girlfriend, Liza. :-)

Elijah's turn!

We love Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Bosshardt. These ladies put so much time and love into their kids. So blessed that Elijah had both of them this year!

Some of Elijah's best school friends.

Judah's kindergarten class - they are such a hoot! Love them.

Judah's first and last day of kindergarten. He is now a first grader!!!

Elijah's first and last day of 4th grade. He is now a 5th grader!!! Next year will be his last year in elementary at this wonderful school. I can't think about it too much. :-(

They both definitely look older. What an awesome school year!!!

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